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Fungal Nail
How does it work?
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New Fungal Nail Treatment


Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment comes in an easy-to-use device, especially designed to fit discreetly into a bag or bathroom cabinet.

How does it work?
The unique device includes 5 single use nail files and a bottle of Advanced Nail Liquid. These two components work together to penetrate the nail and kill the fungus at the source of infection.

Nail files
Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment contains 5 disposable Carborundum files which have been developed & clinically tested in conjunction with podiatrists and fungal nail sufferers. Filing the surface of the nail once per week gently removes the topmost protective layer of the nail (the dorsal layer), revealing the more absorbent layers beneath. In filing the nail, some fungal load and debris will also be removed via the abrasive action. The filing is also designed to remove ridges and provide improvements to the nails appearance.

Filing the nail:

  • Reduces the number of fungi in the nail
  • Improves the appearance of the nail
  • Makes the nail more porous - helping the liquid penetrate the nail more effectively

The nail files are single use and should be disposed ofimmediately after use.

Advanced Nail Liquid

The liquid has been specially formulated by to create an inhospitable environment in the nail which the fungus cannot survive in.

As the Advanced Nail Liquid penetrates throughout the nail it changes the normal environment of the nail. These fungi are adapted to living in certain conditions and cannot easily adjust to changes in their surrounding environment and as such the fungi are not able to grow and reproduce as normal, thereby killing the fungi and treating the infection.

How is the inhospitable environment created?

The Advanced Nail Liquid has been carefully formulated to create an inhospitable environment in the nail by the inclusion of key ingredients:

  • Low pH

The Advanced Nail Liquid contains ingredients that change the normal pH in the nail, which the fungi find inhospitable and cannot survive.

  • Penetration Enhancers

To successfully treat fungal nail infections, the treatment must be able to penetrate through the tough nail plate and reach the source of infection.

The Advanced Nail Liquid contains ‘Penetration Enhancers’ (a synergistic blend of Urea, Glycerin and Panthenol) that are designed to modify the structure of the nail by breaking the bonds between the nail cells. Breaking these bonds creates tiny channels in the nail plate resulting in a more permeable nail which allows other ingredients in the liquid to travel through the nail.

The Advanced Nail Liquid also includes humectants that hydrate the nail. These ingredients increase the flexibility of the nail plate, resulting in a softer nail plate that allows enhanced penetration in the nail.

The ‘Protective Film’

The Advanced Nail Liquid also contains ingredients that allow it to form a protective film over the surface of the nail.
This protective film acts as a physical barrier to help prevent the spread of infection and protecting against recurrence.