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Biomechanics Heel & Knee 3/4 length - L

Biomechanics Heel and Knee 3/4 length - L

A ¾ length orthotic insert, which corrects foot posture & alignment.

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Description Metatarsal and forefoot support and cushioning. Provides stability and support in the heel & ankle area. The tri-planar motion control system of Scholl Biomechanics has been designed in collaboration with leading podiatrist Phillip Vasyli to minimise the stresses in the foot region, and correct the posture and alignment, to provide relief from the most of the painful conditions.
Directions Text Before usage, make sure the product is comfortably accommodated within the insole. If necessary remove the existing insole. If any discomfort occurs, remove the product for one or two hours, then wear again, and continue until comfortable. If pain persists, discontinue use & consult professional advice.
Pack Contents Text 1 Pair Large Orthotics